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The Neurosciences in Tübingen with more than 100 active research groups have the potential to rank among the most successful neuroscientific sites in Europe. Scientists in Tübingen pursue theoretical, system-neuroscientific, molecular and clinical research approaches in their entire breadth with a wide range of methods. The newly founded TübingenNeuroCampus wants to ensure the optimal use of Tübingen‘s potential with respect to research, education and application. 

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Find here the mission, priority activities and the governance of the newly founded network TübingenNeuroCampus (TNC).

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A list of the members of the TNC's Institutional Steering Board and the Founding Group.

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Neuro Campus Initiatives

Overview of the Neuro Campus Initiatives

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Find out what's going on in the TNC

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Overview of events, talks and seminar series 

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Coming soon: Current job offerings in the TNC

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