Neighborhoods and Outskirts

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Tuebingen doesn't only consist of the main city area, but includes a lot of smaller villages, which have been integrated into its municipal administration. Here you will find a small overview to give you an impression of where the different districts are located and the distances from the city center.

 Map of Tuebingen with its neighborhoods and outskirts


 Map of Tuebingen with its neighborhoods and outskirts



Eight of these districts are geographically separate villages that became part of the municipal administration in the 1970s. They can be great options for living if you prefer village charm to city life, and it may be easier to find housing there, especially for families looking for a larger house. The following links provide further information on each of the districts in alphabetical order.

You can also find information about the different neighborhoods and outskirts on the website of the City of Tuebingen (in German).

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